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“Cheryl Walters has incredible marketing skills that have been invaluable to the founding of Your Wedding Painted. Adept at identifying media outlets, she has successfully directed my imagery and skills to the Houston wedding market. She has created ongoing, comprehensive communications plans for the company that have included marketing, branding and launching the company's e-commerce website. I recommend Cheryl for any position that will draw upon her skills and her proven record of contribution in marketing. She is a remarkable colleague and contributor.


Linda Myers  |  Principal, Your Wedding Painted

“I want to personally thank and endorse Cheryl as she has been extremely helpful with getting my business off of the ground. From project management of the website, to gathering information to make the marketing highly visable, her attentiveness and attention to detail shine through. As the company continues to grow, we will continue our partnership with Cheryl to reach customers and provide value add. Thanks and keep up the

great work!


Ron Allen |  Principal, Solution Architects, LLC

“Cheryl was my primary contact and PM on our web refresh and numerous creative projects we did together. She is highly creative, organized and works tirelessly to find the right solution for her clients, including explaining a better path which is critical in her profession where clients often know what they don't want, but not exactly what they want. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone looking for a trusted creative partner.”


Tim Barto |  VP Sales + Marketing, DYONYX

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl on some key communication interventions. Cheryl’s creative style and keen sense of awareness helped us to develop our communication plan. This was critical to our change management initiative. By assisting us in identifying our key messages as well as our target audience we were successful in producing a message brand that was simple and clear, yet compelling enough to deliver a thorough understanding throughout all levels of organization. I would highly recommend Cheryl as a business partner in any communication initiatives."


Michael Sracic, CMC |  Senior HR Director, Vopak North America

Quote-left-cs.svg.thumb Lisa Baker

"I have had the pleasure to work with and manage Cheryl over the last 2+ years at HP. She is a savvy marketer with a passion for all things digital and social. She has a keen eye for making communications personal and creating an emotional connection with the customer. She stays on top of the trends happening in digital and social and works to integrate into actual plans, measuring results and adjusting campaigns real time.


Lisa Baker  |  Senior Director, Personal Systems Marketing, HP Americas

"Cheryl is one of the most dedicated, passionate and creative people I’ve had the honor to work with. Her strategic views and innovative vision have led to award winning campaigns such as HP’s Festivalization at Coachella and Panorama. Whether it be evolving strategic partnerships with organizations like Cheddar or enhancing sales leads through unique platforms such as the HP-Intel Healthcare and Security habitat road shows, Cheryl continues to have her finger on the pulse of ‘what’s next.’ I’m greatly looking forward to continuing the journey with Cheryl on future projects and endeavors.


Chad Tons  |  CEO, Infinity Marketing Team, Inc.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Cheryl Walters at the Shell Global Social Media Center of Excellence. Cheryl is extremely intelligent, efficient, creative and savvy in all aspects of traditional and social media marketing. She approaches projects with energy, passion, and openness to understand the business, the objectives to be achieved, and how to fully maximize unique opportunities within the social media space to generate additional value.


I admire Cheryl’s work ethic, extensive expertise and constant desire to stay current in this ever-changing digital world. She is insightful and experienced and last, but not least, the most giving team member to have on your team and an absolute joy to work with. She is a treasured asset to any team!


Helen Deian  |  Social Media Strategy & Programmes Adviser Shell


"It was an absolute immense pleasure to serve alongside Cheryl Walters. I had the privilege of being one of the selected employees to work with Cheryl on HP's Employee Influencer campaign. It was Cheryl's vision that the brand of commercial HP could be elevated to represent the unique people that develope, design, and create innovation here. This in itself speaks to a unique strength of Cheryl's - her profound belief that every person is wonderful, unique, and can bring value. This belief is the foundation of what makes her attitude so positive and infectious. When one works with Cheryl, they cannot but help feel inspired to do better, be better, and build better. Naturally, Cheryl has the organizational know-how to build a campaign and get the work done. But "doers" are a dime a dozen. The key element that Cheryl brings is her attitude and her spirit. If you want to grow your team to be one that believes in a greater goal and seeks unity across organizations - then Cheryl is your gal. She has personally inspired me, so I have no doubt that she could bring the same energy to any group that she works for.


Alexander Clark  |  HP Technical Manager | VR Game Developer

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